Birch & Tailor delivers so much more than the average luxury remodel. From foundation to roof deck, we dream big and bring to life smart improvements that showcase your property’s inner diva while maximizing your property’s value.

Our design-minded team engineers the best improvements — from lighting to paint to flooring to full kitchen redesigns, and everything in between — to ensure your property dazzles.

We know how and where to make improvements that count, and that buyers will notice. And we do this all cost effectively and efficiently. Our one stop shop approach includes design talent and full project management from inception to the final reveal. The result? Improvement nirvana.

Impeccable Color Theory

BIRCH & TAILOR is known for its color theory. We understand the true relationships between color and overall design, and how to create an immediate and exquisite impact on a property. From selecting primary colors to decorative tertiary colors, we excel in creating harmony and contrast that communicates with a buyer to create the ultimate wow factor.

home staging color theory
kitchen remodels

Kitchen Remodels

Statistics show that turnkey homes sell faster. And often the number one room that can make or break a buyer’s interest is the kitchen. Whether it’s the introduction of exquisite counter tops, stunning hardware or a new layout that appeals to the most discerning of chefs, a gorgeous kitchen remodel is where it’s at when it comes to spending money where it matters.

Bathroom, Remodels, Tile & Fixtures

The second most impactful to a sale are bathrooms. And often they play the part of a home’s age and wear. From exhaling at the end of the day to preparing for the perfect dinner date, the right remodeled bathroom will be where a buyer finds relaxation and inspiration. Complete with high-end tile and fixtures, it will transport you to a relaxing spa-like sanctuary where you can shut the world out and dream big.

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custom lighting


Lighting is one of the first things noticed as you enter a home, and the most effective way to change a property’s style. The right lighting can make an incredible impact, setting the tone for what’s to be revealed. With BIRCH & TAILOR’S years of design experience, buyers will experience your home in a new light.

Architectural Details & Refinishing

We treat each house like a movie, where one scene flows into the next with perfect cohesion. We accomplish this through the use of interesting materials and architectural details. To help tell the story, beautiful mouldings, stand out sconces, bespoke wood panelling systems, custom lime washes, exotic wall and fabric coverings all play the part of lead characters or supporting cast.

architectural details