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Design In Our DNA

BIRCH & TAILOR properties are each a masterclass in the power of luxury real estate staging. We create spaces that inspire their own playlists and transport you to new places, real or imagined.

Our unique alchemy of bold, fresh design, high-end materials, and eclectic pieces from our private collection create transformative spaces—all set against the backdrop of exceptional color theory and breathtaking floristry.

Our team works with high-end real estate agents and developers to unlock each property’s potential and maximize its purchase power. Together, we bring stunning properties to market.

luxury home staging living room

A Sense of Place

We know first impressions begin at the door. That’s why BIRCH & TAILOR goes beyond the superficial to draw out each home’s intrinsic elegance. From our vast warehouses that include the latest high-end materials and hand-selected eclectic pieces from our private collection, our award-winning designers push the boundaries to deliver stunning spaces – which can be fully staged in three days.

Whether we’re staging industrial lofts, commercial office spaces, charming bungalows, or luxury estates, we take pride in appointing a stylish, inviting atmosphere wherever we go.

A Chef’s Dream

The kitchen is where every household collects. BIRCH & TAILOR encourages those organic interactions with earthy textures and accessories that warm and enliven the kitchen. We pique the culinary imagination with fragrant herbs and fresh produce. We don’t clutter valuable counter space with bulky tools. As any chef knows, less is more.

luxury home staging kitchens

luxury home staging dining room

The Dining Experience

Our dramatic dining spaces lend an elegant backdrop to even the coziest gatherings. BIRCH & TAILOR provides the tables and chairs best suited to the home’s style of hosting, whether for a few dozen friends or just family, making it easy for potential buyers to picture themselves in the space.

A Private Retreat

As the most sacred space in a home, the bedroom is a place to step away, rest, and recharge for what’s ahead. BIRCH & TAILOR spares no luxury in furnishing this escape from the world. We set crisp linens, plush pillows, artisan candles, and exotic florals amid deep, rich color palettes that evoke relaxation. With the touches of a fine hotelier, we inspire potential buyers to bid faster and higher.

luxury home staging bedrooms
luxury home staging patio

A Personal Paradise

A home is more than what’s inside. Expand your circle to include the outdoors. BIRCH & TAILOR comes prepared with tasteful, weather-ready seating to highlight each property’s slice of sky. Potential buyers will easily be able to picture hosting as many as they wish or having it all to themselves.

A Bespoke Experience

Custom closets and dressing spaces offer daily inspiration, relaxation, and retreat. They are a place to prepare for the day ahead and reflect on a night well-lived. At BIRCH & TAILOR, we summon the perfect ambiance with select fittings and intelligent design that showcase the bespoke experience buyers can indulge in every day.

luxury home staging closet

luxury home staging offices

A Stylish Workspace

Expect BIRCH & TAILOR to fashion a space that will make anyone feel they can do their best work. We’ll summon the perfect ambiance for courting creativity. With our select fittings and intelligent design, it’s easy to feel right at home in the office.