Function + Flexibility

Staging isn’t simply about filling a room with furniture. It’s about imagination, inspiration and motivation. It’s about knowing what sells and having the creativity and experience to bring it to life. Here’s how we do it at Birch and Tailor.

Design Review

It all starts with an on-site visit with the realtor and property owner. We conduct a complete design review of the property, room-by-room, including access and exterior spaces, to discuss the challenges and opportunities it presents. During our interview we will address the unique needs of your space, sales objectives and budget, and agree upon a style and approach.


The Birch and Tailor team will maximize your budget by prioritizing tasks that deliver the greatest return. Our proposal will outline all the work to be completed including furnishing, landscaping and all construction tasks. Sign on the dotted line and we’re off to the races.


We understand that selling a property is a disruptive and complicated process, especially when it comes to scheduling all of the moving parts. We’re here to make it as stress-free and easy as possible. Have an impossible request? Just ask and we’ll find a way. If there’s a short time frame for completion, unusual hours of access, or special tasks that may seem outside of the traditional staging process, don’t worry, we’ll make it happen.


Birch and Tailor will schedule and manage all tasks and contractors to achieve the final design goal, on time and on budget. We remain involved during the sales process, conducting regular maintenance to ensure the best presentation. And in the unlikely event you need to extend our staging services, just let us know (extension fees apply).


Once in contract, we work with you during the escrow process to schedule and manage the staging removal.